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What To Expect From Us, Your Wedding DJ

Why are we writing this? I’m guessing you’ve been researching a DJ for your wedding and you’ve seen a lot of different info. From a DJ’s style, cost, equipment, social media presence, etc,. We’re all a little different. (Some of us are extremely different). We want to focus on what we do, and how we can help create the best wedding ever.

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Let’s First Start After Your Last Dance. What’s The Ultimate End Game?

This is simple. Best Wedding Ever. That’s our focus and goal for every event we are hired for. Not only do we want our couples to tell us, “Thank you, tonight was perfect”, but we also want their guests to tell them it was the best wedding ever.

Below is the suggested flow of events at a five hour reception where the bride and groom’s wedding ceremony is at another location:

4:15-4:45- Wedding ceremony at the Church or other location
5:00-Guests begin to arrive from church for the cocktail hour (Bridal Party is off taking photos)
6:00-Guests are asked to be seated, and then the bridal party is introduced. Bride and Groom make grand entrance and go directly to center of floor and have their first dance.
Then into a small speech/welcome by host (the Father of the bride) or by the bride and groom
Then into a blessing by officiant. Dinner service then begins.
6:15-7:30 Dinner served
7:30-Toasts by best man and maid of honor after dinner (can also happen after first course is served if a plated meal is being offered)

From there go directly into the cake cutting. Dinner service continues if guests are still eating. Otherwise move into:

Father Daughter Dance
Into -Mother Son Dance Dance
Into- group photo/kick off dance
Into open dancing
9:40- Bouquet and garter activities
9:45-Announced last dance
9:50-DJ prompts everyone to line up outside the building in parallel lines for send off photos
10:00-End of event

Tips for Planning your Wedding Day Timeline

When wedding planning, there is no right or wrong flow of events when it comes to your wedding timeline.  You can walk into your reception and immediately cut the cake or do your first dance.  Or you can save all the formalities for after dinner.  It is completely up to you and we suggest finding a flow that feel right to you.  We do have a few tips to help make things flow smoothly

    • Group your activities and special moments together. Spreading out individual moments and activities through out the night creates a lot of interruptions and just isn’t good event flow.  Try to create 2 to 3 “breaks” in the night where you would have your activities take place. For example after dinner do your cake cutting, toasts, and then special dances all right after one another.
    • Get all the formalities finished up before the dance party starts.  Your DJ will work hard to cultivate and build the energy on the dance floor. Stopping the action in the middle of the dance party to cut the cake is just going to kill the momentum of the party.
    • Do a first look if seeing the bride before the wedding is not a problem for you.  That way you can get a lot of your photos finished before guests arrive and then you can spend cocktail hour with your guests instead of with your photographer.
    • Save enough time for the dance party!  With a five hour reception the dance party is usually 2 hours.  If things get delayed or fall behind, that dance party starts to shrink and may end up only being an hour.  In that case the party will be over before it really gets popping!

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