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Hello, I am Jared Berglund, founder of Pure Vision Entertainment. My background in the entertainment and mobile events industry started over 18. Over that time I have had the opportunity to work in different roles such as DJ, Catering, Coordinator, Videographer, and in a Venue role. Music career began many years ago growing up playing the tenor saxophone for over 9 years. My DJ career began back in 2009 when I became the DJ at the largest Country Bar in the Northwest called Duke’s Country Bar & Grill. From there I migrated into larger dance clubs of all musical formats while also venturing in the mobile events industry. To this day my love and passion for music still holds just as strong as day 1 that I continue to play bars, clubs, music festivals, corporate events and weddings and having the opportunity to travel all over Oregon, Washington and parts of California.

As a DJ, I always strive to create a personal relationship with my clients, similar to that of a friend or family member. My favorite aspect of working weddings is the lifelong friendships the develop. Every wedding I have been apart of I still push to keep that relationship alive well beyond the day. I love seeing couples having babies, go on vacations, receive promotions and much more. I feel that we are able to develop a special bond between each other that I strive to celebrate every milestone in their journey and love that they are still cheering me on at the same time.

DJ Rock - Jared Berglund